Routines – Bath time

Bath time is a great time to teach body parts. Building awareness of self is also a vital part of your child’s development. While you’re washing your child, name the parts that you wash. Have them give you hands, point to their feet, wash their hair. It’s never too early to start naming parts that are receiving stimuli. You can name body parts as you’re drying them off too.

You can start teaching infants the names of their body parts. That way, when they’re able and ready to talk, they will have heard these words so many times and they’ll be able to make the connection quicker.

Concepts you can teach:

Wet / Dry
Warm / Cold
Sink / Float
Under / Over

Bath toys are great. Have them pretend play in the bath. Give them time to play alone as they get older. Slowly teach them to wash themselves to build independence. If you’re having difficulties transitioning out of bath, try a timer or a 5-minute warning. Tell them as each minute ticks down, “In x minutes, bath time is all done.” Then give them the next task. When bath time is all done, we get pjs on and get ready for bed. Or, When bath time is done, we’re going to the store. This way they can focus on what’s coming next and it won’t be a surprise. It helps if there is a bath time routine that precedes the same thing. Children thrive on routines.

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